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Expertise and consultancy

We analyze the most suitable funding opportunities that match the needs and aspirations of your organization or your company. Additionally, we customize the process to specific project ideas you have and offer actionable guidance on how to effectively utilize the identified funds to accomplish your objectives.

This service is particularly beneficial for private companies as well as public entities, as they often lack the necessary personnel and funding experts to provide advice on funding opportunities.

Over time, we have developed considerable thematic knowledge, with a particular emphasis on urban and rural development, environment, social innovation and health, sustainable energy, culture, and transport. Leveraging this expertise, we offer strategic guidance and provide relevant content documents such as strategy on local economic development, strategy on tourism, municipal urban audit, project appraisal document, methodologies, synthesis and sustainability reports, case studies, policy recommendations, as well as evaluation reports to support successful project application and/or implementation.

In addition, we participate in international consortia to carry out monitoring, programming, and activities linked to EU funding programmes. These services are aimed at public entities eligible for applying in EU funding programmes.

Project development

Our process with clients begins by assessing funding options and selecting the appropriate programme that aligns with their project idea. Once we have fully understood your needs and expectations, we proceed to develop the project concept and draft the application, which is followed by a comprehensive analysis.

In order to conceptualize your project, we engage in a series of collaborative meetings, where we define the activities, objective and results that aligns with your requirements. Our team possesses extensive knowledge on conceptualizing your idea as well as regulations to facilitate this process. Additionally, we assist in forming a partnership by identifying potential partners and experts from our extensive network, as we believe that the success of an application depends on the partners of a consortium.

As a last stage, we develop the project application, allocating tasks among partners with all related administrative requirements necessary for submitting a successful project proposal.

Project management

Over time, we have developed in managing and implementing IPA CBC, EU for Municipalities, MSIP, INTERREG IPA ADRION, INTERREG EURO-MED, URBACT and IPARD projects. Apart from this, we have also developed in managing projects and calls from our national institutions in North Macedonia.

We offer full support throughout the project’s life cycle. Our team offers a comprehensive service, which includes daily coordination, communication, quality content implementation, financing, and reporting. We work diligently to meet our clients’ specific organizational requirements and customize our methods and solutions accordingly.

Project communication

We have developed a wide selection of services to support internal knowledge sharing, capacity building through meetings and consultations, in order to stimulate engagement within our project partner and among the other stakeholders so as to achieve the project goals. In the part of external communication, we are ready to contribute to the preparation of kick-off events, to communication strategy, create and maintain social media and websites, as well as creating promotional materials.

We have structured our communications offer to please all possible scenarios from supporting you in delivering communication tasks to producing and implementing individual project communication strategies.

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