About us

Who are we?

Pro Solution Grants NMK is a very innovative and flexible consulting company in terms of providing consulting services.

Our work consists of facilitating and finding development funds for companies seeking continuous growth, consulting on the advantages of using innovative technology in the production process, consulting on increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, increasing the company’s responsibility and making it eco-friendly.

Pro Solution Grants NMK consultants always fulfill their obligations on time and with maximum responsibility towards our clients.


Our commitment lies in providing expert guidance and support to companies and organizations seeking funding opportunities from various grant programmes. Our mission is to help clients identify appropriate grant opportunities and navigate the complex application process successfully.

Our key approach is to provide personalized guidance, as well as to build lasting partnerships. Our company works to build long-term partnerships, by helping them secure funding not just for one-off projects, but for ongoing initiatives and programmes.

Our vision is to become the most prominent consultancy company nationally and regionally, as well as a trusted advisor to private companies and organizations that are seeking to take further steps into their development.


Our extensive transnational partner network enables us to gather partner organizations from various nationalities and working areas, covering the necessary competencies and expertise to ensure the success of our projects. It is a valuable tool that allows us and our clients to work on projects that have a truly European dimension.

Our multinational approach is particularly helpful in dealing with challenges that arise due to the varying political settings and diverse cultural, linguistic, economic and social contexts within the IPA countries, as well as within the European Union. We continuously strive to expand and evolve our network to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best possible support for their projects.

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